T-Practice Workshop: Practical Wisdom

Speaker: Guido Caniglia, Rebecca Freeth, Marina Knickel

Contributing to transformative processes of change towards sustainability is an admirable but daunting aspiration. These processes require embracing transformative change at multiple levels from personal to teams and entire organisations. In this T-session, we present an approach to foster transformative change based on the virtue of practical wisdom. This ancient virtue may support individuals, teams or entire organisations to develop conditions and capacities to wisely navigate complex, uncertain processes of change towards “good outcomes”. This capacity for navigation combines will for direction and determination (through justice, care, humility, and courage) and skill in deliberation and action (through agility, intelligence, discernment, and strategy). Departing from the individual level, we will work with participants to explore the collective dimensions of practical wisdom at team and organisational levels. First, participants will share narratives about their own experiences of practical wisdom in research and practice teams and organisations, and reflect on these. Second, they will condense insights into principles for the development and management of teams and organisations. Participants will come out of the session with some new reflexive tools, visualisations, narratives, and principles that will help them, their teams and their organisations to navigate the complexities of processes of transformative change.