Co-Sensing and Co-Creating the Future

Speaker: Otto Scharmer


Join us for a keynote session with Otto Scharmer, renowned author and expert in the field of transformative change. In his presentation, “Co-Sensing and Co-Creating the Future,” Otto will guide us through an inspiring exploration of how we can collectively sense and shape the future we desire.


Drawing from his extensive research and practical experience, Otto will delve into the principles of co-sensing and co-creating, offering insights into how we can tap into our collective intelligence to address the complex challenges of our time. He will highlight the importance of deep listening, empathetic understanding, and systemic thinking in fostering transformative partnerships for a better world.


Following the keynote, we will open the floor to a dynamic audience Q&A session, where Otto will respond to thought-provoking questions suggested by attendees through our event app. This interactive format ensures that the discussion is grounded in the interests and concerns of our diverse community, fostering meaningful dialogue and collective learning.


Join us as we explore innovative approaches, collaborative networks, and capacity-building initiatives aimed at creating a sustainable, regenerative, and equitable world.