T-Practice Workshop: Connecting science to sustainability transformations: how to create transformative research?

Prague Hybrid Room 205

Speakers: Esther Turnhout (University of Twente), Josephine Chambers (Utrecht University) Many commentators lament the lack of action in response to evidence of environmental crises, making reference to a broken science-policy contract (Turnhout and Lahsen 2022). In response, we have seen calls to shift research priorities to the production of actionable knowledge. Although participatory approaches are […]

T-Practice Workshop: Assessing when Change is Transformative

Prague Room UN IC

Speakers: Fern Wickson, Julia Leventon Transformative change is currently receiving much attention from science, practice and science-policy interfaces. The Intergovernmental Panel for Climate Change 6th assessment (released 2022) refers to the need for societal transformation to mitigate and adapt to climate change, and ensure climate resilient development. Further, the Intergovernmental Panel on Biodiversity and Ecosystem […]

T-Practice Workshop: Co-creative reflection and dialogue

Prague Hybrid Room 206

Speakers: Felix Beyers, Carolin Fraude, Valerie Voggenreiter How can we confront and deal with fears while strengthening trust in the UN Climate Policy? Together with several partner organizations, the TranS-Mind research group at the RIFS (former IASS) took a special interest in this question at COP27 in Egypt last year. The aim was designing and […]

Transformations Organizations

Prague Hybrid Room 205

Leaders of transformation organizations will explore: What are transformations initiatives, and how do they differ from other social change initiatives? What have we learned about how to design and structure transformations initiatives? What are the principal challenges in building and sustaining transformations initiatives, and how can we address those challenges? Moderators: Bruce Goldstein (Transformations Community) […]

World Café Day One Afternoon: Drawing on Diverse Sources of Knowledge in Partnerships

Prague Hybrid Room 206

Speakers: Violeta Cabello, Sarah Velten, Eugenia Castellazzi, Sierra Deutsch, Viola Hakkarainen, Sara Zaman, Jakub Macha Presentations: Shifting values, knowledge systems and agency in education, institutes and policy Viola Hakkarainen, Sara Zaman, Eugenia Castellazzi From academics, policy makers, to practitioners, humans often work within the context of institutions that partially provide the scope of what a desirable future looks like. Sustainability and transformative change […]

Collaborative Systems Mapping and Visioning

Prague Hybrid Room 205

Speakers: Julia Leventon, Zuzana Harmackova, Silja Zimmermann, Jan Christian Polanía Giese, Bruce Goldstein Panelists will describe their collaborative mapping processes, engage in dialogue about the similarities and differences in design, implementation, and purpose, and engage session attendees in exploring these questions related to how to engage diverse communities in identifying transformative outcomes and pathways, including […]

Decolonizing knowledge and learning systems by reconciling diverse ways of knowing

Prague Hybrid Room 206

Speaker: Viola Hakkarainen, Joel Onyango, Gladys Kivati, Nora Ndege Viola Hakkarainen will introduce the concept of engaging with diverse ways of knowing for sustainability transformations, and Joel Onyango, Gladys Kivati, and Nora Ndege will provide an in-depth case study of Learning Libraries, an effort to decolonize institutionalized knowledge practices by developing culturally-embedded and  non-elitist knowledge […]

Evening Reception at Vila Lanna

Vila Lanna V Sadech 1/1, 160 00 Praha 6-Bubeneč, Prague, Czech Republic

Reception is already included in registration fees, but please indicate if you'll be in attendance through this form. Logistics: The nearest metro station is Hradcanska and then it is a 10 minute walk – you can take the green line from Mustek. You can also take the number 18 tram from outside the conference venue to […]

Co-Sensing and Co-Creating the Future

Sydney Plenary Theatre (Prague Hybrid Room 206)

Speaker: Otto Scharmer   Join us for a keynote session with Otto Scharmer, renowned author and expert in the field of transformative change. In his presentation, "Co-Sensing and Co-Creating the Future," Otto will guide us through an inspiring exploration of how we can collectively sense and shape the future we desire.   Drawing from his […]

Headliner: How do we mobilize knowledge and create agency/capacity for transformative partnerships

Prague Hybrid Room 206

Speaker: Katy Roelich, Zuzana Harmackova Public sector decision making for sustainability transformations Katy RoelichThere is an emerging focus on how sustainability transformations might come about (Hajer et al., 2015; Willis, 2020) but current research focuses on the role of civil society or businesses in developing alternative visions and business models. This overlooks the crucial role […]

T-Practice Workshop: Energy Systems Science and Practice for Transformation?

Prague Hybrid Room 206

Speaker: Curtis Ogden Everything is energy. Energy systems science uses the ancient observation that all living systems are “flow-networks” - organisms and super-organisms whose existence arises from and depends on the circulation of energy, including resources, money, human capacities, information and so on, throughout the entirety of their being. Growing numbers of people are aware […]

T-Practice Workshop: Making the transformative potential of street experiments visible.

Speakers: Jan Peter Glock, Felix Beyers Street experiments are an innovative way to transform urban transport systems. However, the evaluation of such experiments often lacks the capacity to display the totality of their transformative potential. Evaluations are mostly carried out with narrow sets of output or outcome indicators, limited to (mostly quantitative) traffic science data, […]

T-Practice Workshop: Systems sensing in organizational complexity – Building capacities to relate to and learn from uncertainty

Prague Hybrid Room 205

Speaker: Johann-Justus Wachs, Luea Ritter Purpose-driven organizations find themselves in contexts of wicked complexity, which entail significant ‘uncertainty, dynamism, pressures from multiple sources in different directions’ (Waddock et al., 2021, p. 82). Definitions and perceptions of systemic problems and transformative solutions vary, making effective collaboration difficult. This session introduces systems sensing (Ritter & Zamierowski, 2021) […]

Resilience Assessment as Transformative Practice: The Global Ecovillage Network

Prague Hybrid Room 205

Speakers: Luea Ritter, Allyson Quinlan, Anna Kovasna Resilience Assessment as Transformative Practice: Working across knowledge paradigms, scales and geographies to nurture local resilience and transformative capacity Anna Kovasna, Luea Ritter, Allyson QuinlanA close look at a multi-year assessment process that is underway for the Global Ecovillage Network, a multiscale place-based network of transformations initiatives.

Transformative Evaluation and Assessment

Prague Hybrid Room 2

The panel continues our consideration on how transformations practitioners design, manage, and facilitate transformations initiatives, with a focus on highly engaged evaluation practices. Adam Hejnowicz will begin by exploring how evaluation must play a central role in driving and shaping transformative change, and how urgent adjustments are needed for evaluation to become an integral part […]

World Café Day Two: Mobilizing Knowledge and Creating Capacity in Partnerships

Prague Hybrid Room 206

Speakers: Felix Beyers, Florian Markscheffel, Taiwo Isaac Olatunji, Marianne Grace Araneta, Irmelin Gram-Hanssen Presentations Political Challenges of a Textile Transformation Felix Beyers Collaborative governance is a promising approach to address wicked sustainability challenges through global public and private partnerships between diverse actors of state, market and civil society. The textile industry is an excellent example […]

Developing Transformative Leadership Capacity

Prague Hybrid Room 205

Transformative educators and process facilitators reflect on their experience engaging in transformative leadership development and discuss how to cultivate and support effective and inclusive leadership of transformations initiatives. Table discussion will consider: How do we cultivate and support effective, inclusive, and adaptive transformative leadership necessary for these types of organizations/initiatives? What are we doing right […]

Headliner: Transformative Partnerships: What is Missing for Systems Change?

Speakers: Diana Lopez and Arwen Bailey, Fern Wickson, Carlos Álvarez Pereira CGIAR Community of Practice on Gender-Transformative Research Methodologies: Combining Feminist Approaches with CoP Praxis to Foster Transformation Diana Erika Lopez Ramirez, Arwen BaileyAdopting a gender-transformative agenda that embraces a feminist ethos can be challenging in certain organizational cultures, especially those whose primary focus is not […]

World Café Day Three Morning (R1)

Prague Hybrid Room 205

Speakers: António Ferreira, Jonathan Morris, Ine Dorresteijn, Tadeáš Žďárský Presentations: Children’s right to the city: Challenging technological, institutional and mental infrastructures António Ferreira It is widely accepted today that societies should be child friendly. It is also widely accepted that mobility plays a key role in determining how children, and people in general, perceive and […]

World Café Day Three Morning (R2)

Prague Hybrid Room 206

Speakers: Daniel Peter, Sherman Farhad, Mirjam Schleiffer, Marta Nieto-Romero, Marta Varanda Presentations: Disruptive agency dynamics in urban sustainability transformations – A conceptual approach for studying insider-outsider relations in urban mobility systems Daniel Peter Human agency plays an essential role for societal transformations since people are in some perspective fundamentally the initiators and carriers of societal […]

T-Practice Workshop: Ecological Empathy: A Relational Practice for Sustainability

Prague Hybrid Room 205

Speaker: Lauren Lambert Ecological empathy can help to build human-nature (re) connection by enhancing relational values in sustainability practice. In this session I will present a step by step practice for considering more-than-human species into research contexts through building ecological empathy. This model is based on an integration of literature from biophilia, deep ecology, embodied […]

T-Practice Workshop: Practical Wisdom

Prague Hybrid Room 206

Speaker: Guido Caniglia, Rebecca Freeth, Marina Knickel Contributing to transformative processes of change towards sustainability is an admirable but daunting aspiration. These processes require embracing transformative change at multiple levels from personal to teams and entire organisations. In this T-session, we present an approach to foster transformative change based on the virtue of practical wisdom. […]

Spotlight on Place-based Transformations Initiatives: Food Systems New England

Prague Hybrid Room 205

Speaker: Curtis Ogden, Karen Spiller This session will entail a closer look at Food Solutions New England (FSNE), a 12 year old network advancing a more just, sustainable, resilient and democratic regional food system in the Northeastern United States. We will consider the importance of network weaving and development, core values including equity, and structures/roles […]

Supportive Environments for Getting in Right Relation to Our Communities and Ourselves

Prague Hybrid Room 206

Our objective is to collectively explore what environments can foster commitment, heart-centered connections to humans and non-humans, and trust, which together are defined as a “transformative relationality”. Building on insights from a workshop on “relational transdisciplinarity” organized last February by the tdAcademy in Leuphana University, the session will provide all participants with insights into the […]

Synthesis and Brainstorming

Prague Hybrid Room 206

During this final session of the conference, attendees will reflect on their experience and consider how we can develop as a field, and how the Transformations Community can enhance our ability to be effective transformations practitioners and capable stewards of transformations initiatives. Speakers: Curtis Ogden, Julia Leventon, Bruce Goldstein

Concluding Remarks

Speakers: Susanne Moser; Bruce Goldstein Closing Session: Join your community for an invigorating closing session that focuses on turning inspiration into action! Hear from sensemakers cross the 300 sessions as we move into tangible transformations. Have your say on what stands out as most impactful, and shape the steps we’ll take moving forward. We’re honored […]